Unique products needed to boost HCM City’s tourism

Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism sector is continuing to recover strongly and posting many impressive results. The city’s efforts in improving product quality and creating new offerings have given the sector a boost, but limitations remain that need to be addressed for the city to become an appealing destination, especially for international visitors.

In the heart of modern, bustling Ho Chi Minh City, the Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine boasts an older appearance. For more than ten years, the museum has offered an interesting experience to visitors, showcasing a collection of more than 3,000 precious artifacts relating to traditional Vietnamese medicine from the Stone Age to the present.

However, there are few opportunities for visitors to engage in activities to learn about traditional medicine or receive health advice. The museum is therefore not widely known among visitors to the city.

“One district, one tourism product” is the new mantra from Ho Chi Minh City to expand tours and offerings. 20 districts have announced typical tourism products so far.

However, while there are unique and well-known destinations such as Cu Chi Tunnels and various monuments and attractions in the city centre, newly-launched products are only prominent in certain areas.

Insiders liken travel resources to baking ingredients. Ho Chi Minh City has many ingredients, but there is a shortage of bakers and few ways to make delicious cakes, or unique tourism products.

Analysts have suggested that the city adopt a clear development strategy and goals and position itself as a must-see destination based on unique offerings and key brand values, so that it is not simply a transit point.

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